Upcoming Student Housing Projects

The design strategies for a student housing community goes beyond following any type of color trend, art style, or amenity type. Design is a tool that can be utilized to express the identity of a property, with our design process understanding where students are currently coming from, what their interests are, and what is important to them.

Project Spotlights

Below are some of our latest student housing work which are creating meaningful stories in environments designed for the modern-day student.

The Mark

Philadelphia, PA
34 stories
363 units
904 beds


Madison, WI
12 stories
341 units
681 beds

trolley north

Salt Lake City, UT
7- and 8-stories
239 units
562 beds

Riverwalk District

Tampa, FL
8 stories
209 units
606 beds

The Marshall

Minneapolis, MN
6 stories
317 units
994 beds

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BKV Group explores health and wellness concepts through eight lenses: Social, Environment, Occupational, Spiritual, financial, emotional, intellectual and Physical wellness. We look at how each of these areas translate to student needs and how they affect design trends that can shape the student living environment.


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