BKV Group and H2M teamed up with MBI to deliver a cutting-edge fire station design to serve the Department of Energy’s Y-12 Federal Uranium Production complex at Oak Ridge. The new station marks a significant transition for the Y-12 Fire Department from day-shift operations to a 24/7 department, recognizing that fire prevention and safety are even more critical around hazardous materials. The building is zoned with the ready response areas on the first floor and the headquarters staff and large training room on the second floor.

Client: Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC
Type: Fire/EMS
Size: 32,000 SF, 9 Drive-thru bays, 20 bunk rooms

Site & Programming

The site is located on an intersection of the main roadway through the facility so it is well-positioned for response, but there is 30’ of topography running diagonally across the site. To reduce the size of the rear apron and the amount of retaining wall necessary, the design team split the apparatus space into the legs of an L shape. More maneuverable apparatus turn into the rear of the bays and respond onto the main road, while larger apparatus pull straight into the rear of the bays and respond onto a side street.

The first floor provides space for the firefighters, with single-user bunk rooms, single-user shower rooms, locker rooms, physical conditioning space, and dayroom/dining/ kitchen/ patio space. The second floor contains a large divisible training room and office space for thirty day-shift staff. The apparatus bay space is split into two rooms based on frequency of use, with PPE storage, decontamination, the main electrical room, and some storage space located in the knuckle between.