Mozaic Mixed-Use Development

Minneapolis, MN

The Mozaic is an urban mixed-use project that connects to the Hennepin transit facility in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. The project is organized around a 20,000 SF urban plaza and is also designed to connect the restaurant and commercial uses at grade level with the transit station.

The exterior design of the parking facility and the office create a unified building image. This is done with the use of precast architecture panels, linear glass panels, decorative metal and a 60 ft. by 90 ft. green wall at the plaza. The program includes a 10-story building: A three-story office over a seven-level parking ramp. In addition, a six-level parking ramp is adjacent to the main facility.

The design vision was to create a meaningful building responding to its unique site and clientele. The design addresses the area’s serious constraints involving high-voltage overhead power lines and the proximity of the mid-town Greenway. It also makes the most of constrictive site geometry as well as the opportunity provided by a multi-modal transit hub.

Our team skillfully integrated layers of vehicular, pedestrian, and bus traffic to encourage circulation in and through the site. Between the lakes and the city, the building looks to mark its location within the Uptown district and as an iconic structure along the Midtown Greenway.