Competing in IIDA’s Stitch

BKV Chicago is eagerly participating in Stitch, an annual competition in which design firms team with product reps to create haute couture. The competition is presented by the Chicago-based International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

The event theme for 2019 is Dichotomy: Opposites Attract! The BKV Chicago team has tackled the dichotomy of introvert/extrovert. The concept embraces the duality of personality through form, color and material. An outer shell creates a protective mantel that generates internally sourced strength. Opened, the mantel directs strength outward, recharging the soul by reflecting the external energy of its environment. Together the garment extols separate and distinct energies in a single transformational mantel, embracing the power of both introverts and extroverts.

Teams will display their final garments on March 7 at the House of Blues in Chicago. Models will show off the competing garments in a runway show. Judges will issue five awards. These include The Judge’s Award for the best overall presentation, Best Concept to Creation, Best Use of Material, Best Hair & Makeup, and People’s Choice.