Welcoming New Associate Partner, Chris Sachse

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Chris Sachse has molded a unique worldly view in moving from place to place, and working with many different kinds of clients in many different kinds of environments and contexts. Now, he brings his diverse background of skills and experiences to the Chicago office of BKV Group as the Director of Architecture and Associate Partner.

Chris began his career in his homeland of Australia working with large retail clients and residential high rise developers in addition to designing high-end single-family homes. In moving to the United States a few years after his professional career took off, Chris started working with more internationally-focused clients on sites such as Canary Wharf – a bustling financial area filled with skyscrapers in London, England. Next, Chris segued to a senior project architect role at Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) where he began working on senior living facilities, while also delving into their healthcare sector.

From there, Chris extended his reach into corporate and commercial environments, and also into the higher education realm where we worked with clients like the University of Illinois on a new science lab. Chris then transitioned into a team leader role in making his way into market-rate housing and student housing where he spearheaded projects at the University of Iowa, California State University Los Angeles, and an off-campus student housing project in Columbia, South Carolina.

Joining BKV Group
This leads us to today, where at BKV Group, Chris will establish best practices for his architectural team members, integrate improved technologies into daily work flow, and conduct research into new, innovative building materials to incorporate into our projects. Chris hopes to bring more consistency to project teams, and help mentor younger staff – especially in regards to each individual’s professional development, notably becoming licensed architects. As a starting point, Chris will focus mainly on student housing projects coming out of the Chicago office, specifically The Collegiate in Columbus, OH with BKV Group developer partner, CDG. Chris will not only be heavily involved on the project side, but also the marketing side of student housing by helping clients navigate the “amenities arms race” and how to be more aware of what students are looking for in their residential experience.

For Fun
When Chris is not steering project teams, developing drawing and documentation standards, educating emerging staff, or meeting with new clients, he is regularly found on the tennis courts, honing the game he’s played since he was young (and even once played against a former #1 in the world, Lleyton Hewitt). If not tennis, Chris also has a refined interest in brewing his own beer, specializing in heavy stouts and IPAs.

Welcome to BKV Group, Chris!