In Minneapolis’ North Loop along historic Washington Avenue, BKV Group is deep into a revitalization project at the former Duffey Paper Company’s site. Inside, we’re in the beginning stages of transforming the manufacturing building into a contemporary, high-amenity multifamily development featuring 188 residential units and 22,000 SF of commercial space.

Client: Cedar Street Companies

A Unique and Dynamic Living Experience

In working with the State Historic Preservation Office and National Park Service, Duffey Lofts is seeking state and federal historic tax credits that will help fund the conversion of three conjoined warehouses while retaining some of its historic character. The mixed-use development will include not only apartments, resident amenities and commercial space, but also a large lobby with a public coffee shop.

Pioneering in Engineering

BKV Group constructed the very first DELTABEAM® project in Minnesota, and we continued to effectively employ the slim-floor system in multi-story Duffey Lofts project. An efficient solution to remedy issues related to fire ratings, clearances, and spans, DELTABEAM® was used at Duffey to creatively install plumbing while also helping create an extra level of residential space.

Historic District

The block is located in the Twentieth Century Warehouse Area within the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District and consists of three historic buildings that contribute to the district, plus a vacant surface lot area 66’ wide by 170′ long that does not contribute to the district. From west to east, the historic buildings are: Minneapolis Iron Store, Minneapolis Iron Store – Steel Warehouse and Lindsay Brothers Warehouse.