Henrico County Short Pump Fire House 19

Henrico, VA

“Henrico County Fire House #19 was an easy choice for selection as the 2018 Gold Medal Winner in the Satellite Station Category of the Station Design Competition. BKV Group shows a clear understanding of what constitutes a good fire station design:  separate public and staff parking, an exhaust extraction system in the drive-thru apparatus bay, the use of four-fold apparatus bay doors which will result in reduced maintenance costs for the life of the doors, a separated turnout storage room, a well-thought out ADA-compliant large kitchen illustrating an understanding of shift work, a large PT room with natural ventilation, and a large day room.  Gender-neutral bunk rooms and bathrooms with clear, direct circulation to the apparatus bay round out this well-deserved Gold Medal-winning design.”

Jury Member, 2018 Station Design Competition

Henrico County Short Pump Fire House 19 was an opportunity for the county to depart from an old prototype design and create a new kit-of-parts that reflected the most current thinking in fire station design. The planning effort prioritized response times and firefighter health and safety, but also took into consideration sleep deprivation, accommodation of a diverse workforce, modern apparatus sizes, fostering camaraderie, and sustainability.

The fire station houses full-time staff, with 12 dorm rooms and three apparatus bays. It is LEED Gold Certified, with a focus on long-term energy efficiency and the quality of the interior environment for the firefighters. A separate workshop behind the return apron houses the county’s drone workshop, where they store and maintain remote controlled equipment and practice using drones in search and rescue operations. Offices for the firefighters and for the station captain are located near the public entrance and the dayroom, dining, and kitchen areas are situated directly adjacent to the apparatus bays for direct response. Support spaces are located on the opposite side of the apparatus bays, include turnout gear storage and decontamination.