BKV Group conducted a thorough study of three satellite fire stations for the Fire Protection District, which contracts for service from the Village of Lake Zurich but maintains their own real estate. The existing stations are being reviewed for maintenance and repair issues for the Site, Structural Frame, Exterior Envelope, Interior Elements, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Lighting, Communications, etc. Additionally, the team conducted a review of Building Code and Accessibility concerns, Functional Issues, Health/Safety Issues, and Energy Efficiency.

Client: Lake Zurich Rural Fire Protection District, IL

Major issues to be addressed include non-separated bunk facilities, small locker/shower facilities, security/wayfinding issues for the public, insufficient office space, and turnout gear that isn’t enclosed. Along with District/ Department leadership, BKV Group developed several options for remodeling and expansion that resolved some or all of these issues at different price points. While the three stations are similar, the site constraints differ and may force different approaches to remodeling.