The new $9.7M Sheriff’s Office and Jail facility is currently in the schematic design phase and will be located on a county-owned site east of the Alpena County Airport. Pre-design services were completed by another team – unfortunately, they were local and did not have experience in planning or constructing a Sheriff’s Office and Jail.

Client: Alpena County, MI
Type: GOVERNMENT, justice center
Size: 35,000 SF

Unfortunately for the county, the construction cost was 40% lower than comparable costs in Michigan, and there was an error in their space program spreadsheet, showing but not calculating required dayroom spaces for all the housing units. The county passed a bond referendum unknowingly with bad information. Our task was to maximize their budget and deliver a great facility that met the requirements they described to the voters.

The 108-bed jail will include a new Sheriff’s Office, booking center with a drive-through sallyport, a men’s direct supervision housing unit for 43, women’s intermittent supervision housing unit for 30, Maximum Security / Special Housing for 27 people, Trustee dormitories for 8 people, kitchen, laundry, and Sheriff’s Vehicle and Bulk Storage Facility.