Located in the South Loop District of Bloomington, the vision is to create visual, physical, and experiential connections to the light rail transit (LRT) and bus transit systems and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The design approach embraces creative placemaking, environmental awareness, sustainability, quality of life, safety, and comfort.

Client: Rosa development
Type: market-rate, AFFORDABLE
Size: 183 units

The residential project adds to the activity of the area, and meets the goal of the South Loop District to transform the area from suburban to urban and diversify the uses within the area. The project will be adding residential units in an area of the City that is planned to capture two-thirds of the City’s potential growth in the next twenty years. In addition, the project will be providing 37 units affordable to households at the 50% Area Median Income, helping to meet the City’s demand of 319 deep subsidy units.

Consisting of two buildings connected by a circulation link similar to a “skyway,” the materials selected for this project seek a refined Scandinavian aesthetic that caters to professionals and people seeking an active lifestyle. Large windows, private and shared outdoor spaces, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and pollinator and bird friendly landscaping work together to create healthy and inspiring connections to the outdoors.