Edina City Hall & Police Station

Edina, MN

The new Edina City Hall and Police Facility, located on a highly visible and particularly challenging triangular site surrounded by mature trees and high-value properties, is grounded with a stone plaza linking the site, parking, exterior plazas, and lobby with the neighboring community. The two-story building supports the city operations and public services, including council chambers, public conference rooms and the police department with secured underground parking. On such a visible site, it facilitates open communication to connect its multiple functions.

We conducted an open visioning session with the community to review the existing conditions and the inefficient and unsecure condition of the existing facility for city offices and police. We presented new space-saving and productive design concepts that would utilize their staff better and reduce staff turnover.

For the police department, we illustrated what a modern law enforcement facility needs to properly support needed services. As a result, the city leaders articulated that value to the community to justify the facility.