Colle McVoy

Minneapolis, MN

Advertising agency Colle McVoy sought a new home to fuse their corporate culture with their agrarian roots. They found this on the top two floors of a historic building in downtown Minneapolis’ warehouse district—blocks away from the company’s original location.

Taking into consideration the client, modest budget and historical shell, the design team took charge to marry the industrial building’s mercantile dry goods history with the client’s straight forward culture and agrarian roots. Careful attention was paid to preserve the envelope of the historic structure, including beautiful plaster coves and beams, by allowing several smaller spaces to float below the ceiling and only lock larger spaces into the building when necessary.

Goals of the project were to create a space evocative of both the client and the historical building, provide an effective environment meshing with the client’s corporate culture, and allow for flexible and creative use of space. Inspiration was pulled from the existing building’s lumber wall protection, metal plate trash chutes, and overhead freight elevator tracks and reinterpreted in new forms.