As the Director of Architecture and Associate Partner in our Washington, DC. office, Paul Andresino leverages his 30 years of experience in delivering projects, and mentoring and managing staff. By assisting the DC office in executing our architectural language and processes, enacting new quality control measures, and spearheading professional development initiatives, Paul ensures the office’s compliance with complex project deliverables, schedules, and budgets. Through his work, Paul has built a thorough understanding of the technical and regulatory side of the architectural profession in Washington. This allows him to holistically lead a project from start to finish. With every project he undertakes, Paul wants the client to know that he has the project’s best interest at the forefront, and they can trust him and his team members to get the job done right. By maintaining consistency of communication with all architectural staff, Paul ensures there is an abundance of cross-mentorship and cross-pollination of ideas to further grow our Washington, D.C. personnel and portfolio.