With an aging and inadequate law enforcement and jail facility located within a courthouse annex building, Brookings County looked at various options for expansion including building offsite and a complete replacement of their jail and law enforcement facilities. It was concluded that the most operational and fiscally efficient option was to expand and remodel the annex space to accommodate additional jail beds, remodeled law enforcement spaces, and better inmate circulation to courts. The historically sensitive design respects the fa├žade of the existing courthouse and pulls away from the pedestrian path along the residential street allowing for a comfortable and integrated design solution that fits into the character of the courthouse square.

Client: Brookings County
Type: GOVERNMENT, justice center
Size: 15,400 SF

The new 84-bed jail addition includes a drive-through sallyport, pre-booking center with medical evaluation room, intoxication room, and after-hours visiting; intake/release center; work release entrance and locker rooms; kitchen and laundry; recreation space; program space; medical suite; central control; contact and non-contact professional visitation; public video visitation; safe rooms; and, 24/7 urinalysis room. To enable the jail and law enforcement center can remain in place and operational, the project is planned to be constructed in 4 phases including both additions and remodeling.