Structural Engineering

The BKV Structural Group provides a full range of design services for our clients. We have extensive design experience for all types of buildings constructed of steel, mild reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, precast, masonry and wood or steel stud bearing wall systems. The types of projects we have experience with are commercial office, retail, government, institutional, historic rehabilitation, industrial and multi-family housing. We look forward to assisting you with the additional challenges that may come with your project. Whether it’s a complicated foundation system, integration with existing buildings, high wind or seismic region, low rise or high rise structures, we can provide the structural design services your project requires.

BKV Group specializes in the multi-family market sector. Many of our projects are constructed of a 5-story wood bearing wall system, typically supported on a precast plank/beam structure or cast-in-place concrete to provide the code required 3 hour separation between Type 1 and Type 3 construction. For higher density we are also designing up to 10-story steel stud structures supported directly on a foundation or a structural steel or concrete podium to accommodate retail or other mixed use functions.

Historic rehabilitation projects are also a specialty of the BKV Structural Group. We have experience with buildings over 100 years old with a variety of structural framing systems consisting of the original 4-way concrete flat plate system, structural steel, wood, masonry or a terra cotta flat tile arch floor system. All of these buildings come with a variation of design challenges ranging from existing deterioration to modifying the existing building structure to include roof terraces with swimming pools or clubhouses.

Our Experience Includes

Marshall Student ApartmentsMinneapolis, MN
5 story wood construction with 1 level precast and underground parking.
Construction Webcam

Soo Line Building City ApartmentsMinneapolis, MN
Historic 19 story and 3 underground levels office building to be converted to market rate apartments.
Soo Line Building City Apartments

ElseWarehouse Apartments Minneapolis, MN
Historic 7 story concrete warehouse converted to apartments.
ElseWarehouse Apartments

Ann Arbor City ApartmentsAnn Arbor, MI
7 story steel studs over 4 story concrete parking ramp.
Ann Arbor City Apartments