Mechanical Engineering

With projects that range from corporate office buildings, public city and police / fire / utility buildings, mixed use housing, assisted living, to industrial facilities, our engineers and technical staff provide design services for new systems, remodeling of existing building systems including: boiler and chiller and HVAC systems, plumbing systems, fire protection, and mechanical utility piping. We’re known for finding out-of-the-box solutions, including displacement ventilation, ground source heat pump systems, and hybrid HVAC systems. All designs include a sustainable focus on energy efficiency and the useful life of the systems.


  • Renovations, Additions, Historic Rehabilitation.
  • Innovative Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Design
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, Under floor Air Distribution, Solar Hydronic Heating, Energy Recovery Systems.
  • Radiant Floor and Ceiling Systems, Energy Recovery Ventilation, Water Efficient Plumbing Systems.
  • Specialty HVAC Systems:
  • Exhaust/Ventilation Systems(Lab/Fume, Kitchens, Vehicle Repair, Hazardous Storage
  • Humidity Control Environmental(Natatoriums, Ice Arenas, Printing Shops, Libraries).
  • Sustainable Systems Design, LEED AP.
  • Plumbing Systems and Water Saving Design.
  • Life Cycle Energy / Cost Analysis, Systems Analysis
  • Building Energy Audits.
  • Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Commissioning of HVAC and Plumbing Systems.
  • Mechanical Retrofit
  • Distribution Systems
  • Fuel Storage Systems
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Fire Protection