Brooks Crossing Apartments

Brooks Crossing is a 12-story mixed-use development at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York.  It features 80,500 sf and 10 stories of student residence apartments. The 70 apartment units incorporate 170 beds in a mix of one-, two-, three, and four-bedroom arrangements. To encourage commercial growth and create an all-in-one environment for the students, the team also designed approximately 5,450 sq. ft. of restaurant shell space at street level.

Community spaces take up approximately 1,250 sf and include a comfortable student residence lobby. The designers included partition walls between the student bedrooms, apartment party walls, and main corridor walls that achieve enhanced STC ratings consistent with industry standards. The river walk level, the lowest level of the building, houses the U of R’s scull boat house, a student bike storage area, an unfinished shell space for future U of R development.