The Cambric

The project is a new four-story apartment building for senior citizens with a footprint of approximately 32,000 sf and 33 surface parking spaces. The 113 one- and two-bedroom apartments are constructed over interior parking totaling 90 stalls. The existing site grades allow for at-grade access to the main entrance and first floor housing level on East Seventh Street at the northeast corner of the site. Because the grade drops to the west, there is also at-grade access to the parking level.

The building is located in a historic district, and the building design works to incorporate a historical feel while standing out as something new. The new building uses contemporary construction methods in historical ways. Primary organizing elements include a banded stone-look concrete masonry base, middle section of brick, prefinished metal panels, and fiber cement siding, and a topping cornice with mansard roof. The buildings steps in and out from the street fronts, and materials in the middle section are varied to form a series of bays.

Elements recalled from the historic district include a limited color palate, bay windows (found across the street), punched windows at bedrooms, precast concrete window sills, soldier coursing at window heads, and a strong cornice line above the third story.