Soo Line Building City Apartments

The Soo Line Building was constructed in 1915 and is ornamented with Second Renaissance Revival details. Over the years, the structure fell into disrepair and underwent several renovations that did not respect its historic attributes. BKV Group renovated the building into luxury apartment units and added retail/restaurant and office space. Our team paid special attention to the building’s historic features, rehabilitating them where possible and creating a unique and beautiful place to live.

The buliding’s top-of-the-line amenities include an indoor/outdoor rooftop swimming pool, fitness center, indoor Skypark and lounge, walk-through closets, and hardwood floors throughout. Interior improvements included upgrading or replacement existing HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and fixtures. The main lobby and grand staircase were reoriented to their historic positions, preserving the historic fabric while adding necessary modern updates.

Visit the Soo Line Building City Apartments website for leasing information.


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