Greenway Heights

Greenway Heights offers 42 two-, three-, and four-bedroom units affordable to households earning less than 50% AMI. This project is responsive to market demand, particularly in light of the loss of affordable rental units to the foreclosure crisis. It also addresses the housing needs created by the growth of larger families within the neighborhood.

The building itself is designed to respond both contextually and culturally to the unique characteristics of the East Phillips neighborhood. The design of the building aims to incorporate the traditional design elements of the neighborhood while responding in a contemporary manner to both the site and the culture of the people. The bold and warm colors serve to welcome the people and community. The primary materials of the façade are a mix of cement board panels, lap siding and metal siding, articulated to reflect the neighborhood context and culture.

Along the south side of the property, the project incorporates a promenade that runs parallel to the Midtown Greenway – Minneapolis’ urban bike path that runs through the heart of the city.Throughout the site, rain gardens are incorporated to help infiltrate stormwater and provide color. New maple trees added to the existing mature maples fill out the street tree canopy on both street frontages. A children’s play area is located adjacent to the first floor community space and raised garden beds are provided for resident use.