Ramsey Fire Station No. 2

BKV Group was hired by the City of Ramsey Fire Department to evaluate a proposed new site for a replacement station for their current Station #2. The city was approached by two separate developers interested in acquiring the land currently occupied by their current Station #2, and BKV Group was hired to assess whether a nearby city-owned site was adequate to house a new replacement station. The site planning process began by first analyzing the site to make sure all apparatus turning clearances could be met, and by assessing a proposed program for the replacement station. It was determined the program for the new station would require 12,000 SF, and the program analysis included options for either a single or two story building options. BKV Group also provided a preliminary cost estimate for the city to evaluate the feasibility of construction financing.

After the original assessment in 2012, the fire department retained BKV Group to continue design development. This stage began with review of the program completed as part of the study, and program and area specifications, as the city finalized their financing strategy for the station. BKV developed the floor plan, as well as completed the exterior design and massing of the building using Revit and Building Information Modeling. The exterior of Ramsey Fire Station #2 is designed to inspire civic pride and increase public awareness of the Fire Department – two goals that are crucial for recruitment and retention of volunteers.