Electrical Engineering

BKV Group’s electrical engineers specialize in the design of electrical power and control systems for clients’ residential, commercial, government, and educational facilities. We work hard to provide clients with both immediate and lasting value by designing a reliable electrical-system backbone suitable for the planned use of the facility as well as for likely future needs.

For new or existing facilities, our work includes the design of motor controls, power distribution systems, control systems, instrumentation, electrical power infrastructure, energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting, communication systems, and emergency power systems.

We also assist clients with code interpretation, code review, and electrical investigations. Our services range from consultation and life-cycle planning to procurement assistance, design, and maintenance of electrical components and systems.

Our electrical engineers design and coordinate lighting, power, controls, technology, communication, and security systems with our mechanical HVAC engineering, and fire protection engineering designs. Integration considerations include adequate space for maintenance of equipment, heat generation of equipment, adequate electrical receptacles for maintenance and UPS’s.

Our services include

  • Code interpretation
  • Communications
  • Electrical investigations
  • Emergency power
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Lighting
  • Power supply