BKV Group is at the forefront of corporate real estate design and planning, including land use development, master planning, and the design of corporate headquarters, offices, distribution centers, and warehouses. The quality of our design adds value that translates into the project’s success for our clients. We work closely with our corporate clients to learn their missions, business models, firm history and future goals — in fact, the client often ends up learning more about themselves during our process. We design places that will meet market demands, remain flexible for expansion or conversion, and support the clients as they grow and evolve. Our integrated and wide breadth of experience enables us to identify opportunities to suit your needs in every economy.

Corporate spaces are about productivity. The workspaces BKV Group designs help improve work flow, keeping employees happier, healthier and, consequently, more productive because the space is comfortable, flexible and connected. We create work environments that include lighting solutions to support tasks and improve worker performance, increase day lighting to provide occupant comfort, address indoor air quality and thermal comfort control issues to increase productivity. Our corporate portfolio encompasses new buildings, renovations and expansions, as well as complex tenant improvement programs. We monitor workplace trends, adapting what works to match our clients’ real estate and business goals, creating corporate spaces that deliver ROI.