Entitlement & Funding

From the very initial stages of project development, the BKV Group has teams of specialists to conducting site research and feasibility studies to review any design concepts per the City Zoning Codes. This ensures that required ordinance standards are met and that our clients are able to maximize the density potential of their site.

BKV directs the municipal planning process which includes coordination with city planning staff, project schedule administration and presentations to Planning Commissions and City Councils. We have extensive experience in securing planned development, special use, rezoning, variance and other land use approvals for a variety of project types. Additionally, our team will work closely with affected neighborhood groups during the project?s initial design phase.

We work at consensus-building to unite property owners, elected officials and community groups to achieve approvals that not only maximize the site potential for our clients but also benefit all involved stakeholders. Bridging the gap between client, resident and municipal needs, BKV Group has an exceptional record of obtaining the necessary approvals for land developments.