The BKV Group Engineering Group is an integral part of the full range of services that BKV Group has to offer. Comprised of highly qualified registered professional engineers and designers, the engineering group provides services in the fields of Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Special Building Systems. These services include consulting, engineering and design services, from conceptual design through building start-up and operation, on a wide variety of facilities, including new and renovated commercial, educational, governmental, housing and mixed use complexes.

Electrical Engineering

BKV Group’s electrical engineers specialize in the design of electrical power and control systems for clients’ residential, commercial, government, and educational facilities. Read more about Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering projects that range from corporate office buildings, public city and police / fire / utility buildings, mixed use housing, assisted living, to industrial facilities. Read more about Mechanical Engineering

Structural Engineering

The BKV structural group provides a full range of structural design services for our clients. If you have a new building or historic gem to be preserved, complicated foundations systems, high seismic/wind requirements, large or small projects we can provide the structural design for your project. Read more about Structural Engineering