Construction Administration

BKV Group’s Construction Administration Services take the entire life cycle of a building into consideration. Our integrated approach assesses constructability of the project with our unique understanding of on-site execution, and draws from our work in the field with building forensics and loss mitigation to ensure the integrity of the project long after the construction is complete.


Ensuring that design performance is achieved and verified during construction is the real world application of good architectural designs. BKV Group’s tactical approach to Quality Control Inspection offers you the security of a successful execution.

  • Building Envelope Design
  • Constructability Review
  • Hydrothermal Modeling
  • Field Performance Testing
  • On-Site Quality Control Inspection & Observation Reports
  • Materials and Systems Research Testing and Analysis
  • Due Diligence, On-Site Observation Reports and Documentation

We focus on communication, project controls, and monitoring, and are experienced in detecting potential schedule delays and cost overruns before they occur in the field. We develop innovative ways to resolve complex matters in a timely and effective manner.