BKV Group Contributes to Article in Urban Land Magazine

As experts on Multifamily Housing, BKV Group was tapped as a resource for an article in Urban Land Magazine entitled “Developers Give Gen Y What They Want.” The article focuses on the differences between traditional housing product and what “Generation Y” aka “Millenials” aka “Echo Boomer”s are looking for. The article outlines the difficulties facing developers looking to market to this group, but is too short to go into details about specific solutions. BKV Group has been helping housing developers target today’s young professionals for years. Some of the important considerations include designing a visually interesting building that fits appropriately into the local context, providing a carefully planned package of amenities that supports a high-end lifestyle for an acheivable cost, selecting proven unit plans that provide a framework for the residents’ actual activities at home, and conceiving an overarching image that reflects the life goals of the target demographic. BKV Group’s combined experience with all of these issues is the reason it is an industry leader.

View the article here.